About Us

Baby Hoops is a group of former professional basketball players that are involved in variety of basketball related businesses throughout the world. These businesses include sports academies for children, basketball training camps, scouting organizations and events for the global basketball market. Our motivation is to become the leaders of basketball development in the toddler sports training market.

Our directors are parents of toddlers and have experience instructing children at a variety of basketball camps around the world. One of our directors has completed a MBA degree in International Marketing and the other is currently obtaining a Masters in International Business Law. Our directors combined, have played professional basketball in twenty (20) different countries and have experience playing in the CBA, NBDL and NBA. 

Baby Hoops has a very extensive network of basketball contacts featuring major college coaches, former professional players, sports media figures and sports related business people all over the world. Our contacts in the basketball world will provide a platform to market the Baby Hoops service in every major city in the United States and many countries around the world.

All of the instructors at Baby Hoops Inc are all former college players that have successfully passed background checks and have completed the basics in child training techniques. Baby Hoops have conducted extensive research on the sports training market for children between the ages of 3 – 7 years old and will offer the most effective basketball training service for toddlers around the globe.