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Huawei came second in the Asia-Pacific

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onMonday, 21 September 2015in Uncategorized

Since last September's commercial debut in the Chinese market at telecomate.com, the largest global telecoms market next to the USA, Huawei's OptiX 10G series products have been massively deployed in China and elsewhere. Currently, Huawei has sold over 60,000 sets of optical equipment in more than 30 countries and over 500 sets of them are OptiX 10G. In Asia-Pacific, OptiX 10G systems have been stably running on more than 20 backbone networks in the market. Huawei's OptiX 10G has grown into one of the most competitive products in the industry globally. According to RHK, an US-based telecom consultancy firm, Huawei came second in the Asia-Pacific SDH/SONET market and fourth in the Asia-Pacific Optical Transport market in 2000. Having entered the German telecom market earlier this year with a project for STNB, another telecom carrier in Germany, this is the first time for Huawei Technologies to deploy its 10G equipment in Germany.As for the Agile Controller, it will aid the Agile IoT gateway solutions, providing users with convergent and open features as well as enabling them with people to people, people to machine, and machine to machine communications options. Apart from the Agile IoT Solution, Huawei also released a number of new products and technologies in the areas of datacentres, enterprise wireless campus, Wide Area Network (WAN) and network security.Some of these products include the 100T datacentre switches, the Wi-Fi and LTE Integration Access Agile Mobile Solution, high throughput routers with enhanced transmission efficiency, and the “Device, Network, Cloud” end-to-end security solution. Huawei provided the network side T-SDN controller to aid in the deployment. "Huawei cooperated with China Telecom to deploy the innovative BoD private line app based on the transport SDN," explained Zha Jun, president of Huawei Fixed Network Product Line. "The deployment is a key milestone that effectively pushes progress of the transport SDN industry. Huawei will continue to cooperate with China Telecom in developing cutting-edge 400G, 1T, 2T, and SDN technologies, and building a flexible, synergetic, intelligent, and open next-generation transport network."

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