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Those that are in violation can be fined anywhere

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The Magnum Sun equipment is still produced overseas for UV water sterilizers . But Spangler said he’s working to finalize an agreement with an Alabama company to produce the Magnum Sun beds in this country, which would decrease the price by lowering transportation costs. Spangler, who turns 60 this summer, said Magnum Sun and the new electronic ballasts are making a difference to make the tanning industry better than it’s ever been.Vegetated roofs have the same potential for increased durability, but issues such as root attack, clogging of the drainage paths, and increased weight from slowed drainage need to be addressed. Special waterproofing techniques may be required since leak detection will be extremely difficult and repairs will be expensive. In the traditional PMR configuration, extruded polystyrene foam (XEPS) is installed loosely over the installed roof membrane. Most rainwater flows to the drains along the surface of the membrane. Drainage channels (kerfs) approximately 0.5 inches by 0.5 inches on the bottom side of the insulation boards facilitate water flow. Porous fabric is laid loosely above the insulation board to keep silt and fine stones from getting between down between the boards. The fabric and overlying ballast serve to “raft” the buoyant boards together during heavy rains so that they will not be displaced. Pavers should be placed on pedestals or have ribs on the bottom surface to facilitate drainage and drying potential. Ballast water, used to stabilize vessels at sea, can carry bacteria, microbes, small invertebrates, eggs and larvae of countless species. Currently, ships are required to exchange ballast water at sea, which creates a habitat mismatch -- it’s unlikely that any coastal organisms will be able to survive in the ocean, and vice-versa. So a ship coming from overseas to pick up goods in Baltimore would have to discharge all its water a couple hundred miles off the coast and take in new ocean water, before it empties its ballast in the port. The exchange can take as long as two days, and it occurs when the ship is moving. Every year, millions of tons of ballast sourced in foreign waters are released into U.S. waters at UV ballasts. The Coast Guard, which has a presence at most U.S. ports, examines ships, sometimes randomly. Those that are in violation can be fined anywhere from $500 to $33,000 a day. While ballast exchange removes the majority of organisms, a small amount of water may still include countless microscopic critters. So this method is not an ideal solution and has mostly been viewed as a stop-gap measure until stricter standards are enforced.

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