Our Program
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 06:13

Baby Hoops provides a fun and innovative basketball program to the toddler community by experienced basketball instructors. Our instructors are trained in child development techniques and are required to apply our well researched methods in every session. 

The goal of our session is to introduce the game of basketball to children using fun skills that will develop their game. Our sessions will help them develop the understanding of team concepts, increase their confidence and improve their hand eye coordination. The majority of our sessions will be 30 – 40 minutes at locations that are convenient for parents.

The Baby Hoops will also brand feature merchandise consisting of toddler basketballs, training video, portable basketball goals and sports wear for children. 

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Our program benefits parents who are looking for their toddlers' to develop in a fun sports activity that provides hand and eye coordination, exercise and self confidence. Toddlers will enjoy the games and the creative activities of a ball related sport in a group setting featuring our basketball experienced instructors.

Bay Hoops will positively impact the toddlers in our programs due to the fun atmosphere and skill development. Children that are naturally gifted in sports will develop faster in basketball due to our skill development techniques. Our video training products will provide guidance to parents on proven age-appropriate basketball techniques that will help their toddlers develop their skills while having fun in their own homes.

  • Creative age appropriate basketball drillsalt
  • Experience basketball instructors
  • Increased hand and eye coordination
  • Improved self confidence
  • Fun group activity that develops social skills
  • Indoor sessions with no weather restrictions
  • Early basketball development for talented children
  • Parent and child home activity with use of video products
  • Basketball drill education for stay home parent